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Дмитрий Фомин had a tour with Мария Цибиногина
хороший экскурсовод, обладает полной информацией о достопримечательностях и памятных местах города
Мария Цибиногина
Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia
$ 4 /h
Zesheng had a tour with Tedy Lekishvili
Nice guide and helpful
Tedy Lekishvili
Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia
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The best way to discover new places is to find someone local to walk around the city

Locals.MAPS.ME is a service for travelers who want to discover new cities with the help of locals. It’s all about fun, new things and activities that happen outside your hotel room. With Locals you can start experiencing all of it the moment you arrive at your destination. Just book a local or send an offer to a fellow traveler coming into the city and create a flexible sightseeing tour, convenient for both of you.

A city tour with a local makes you feel at home on the walk with a companion. It makes it easy to find special places in the city and get a guide that will be perfect for you. You no longer have to discover the city as part of a group of tourists and be bored. Now you can discover an edgier, closer and more authentic version of the city with the help of Locals.

It’s bound to be way more exciting to experience shopping, sports or art galleries together with a local. You can get the city guide you have always dreamt about.

Locals.MAPS.ME helps travelers and locals find each other and communicate. Our website is mobile-friendly, so it’s easy to keep in touch with your guests or companions. Locals.MAPS.ME is a simple way to create sightseeing tours.

From the very beginning to the very end of your trip, a local host can be with you everywhere – it’s like having a good old friend in every city you visit.

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