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Moscow Metro Tour
$ 36  per person
See Moscow's unique and beautiful metro stations on a 1.5-hour tour of the Soviet palaces that we...
Moscow: 2-Hour Tretyakov Gallery Private Tour
$ 26  per person
On this 2-hour guided tour discover the Tretyakov Gallery, the essential museum to visit while in...
Moscow Food Tasting & Walking Tour
$ 69  per person
Ready to taste local unique flavours? Sample local dishes on a 3-hour food and walking tour throu...
Moscow: Metro and Red Square Small Group Tour
$ 14  per person
See the most iconic Moscow landmarks on a walking tour through Red Square. Then head underground ...
Moscow: 2-Hour Kremlin Private Skip-the-Line Tour
$ 170  per person
Visit the Kremlin, one of the most famous and ancient fortresses in Russia. See where the Russian...
Moscow Underground 3-Hour Guided Tour
$ 66  per person
Explore the Moscow Metro on a 3-hour guided tour beneath the streets to see some of the mind-blow...
Moscow: More Than Just Vodka Spirits Small Group Drink Tour
$ 94  per person
Enjoy a night out in Moscow and learn how to walk, talk, drink and party like a Russian. Indulge ...
Moscow: Soviet History Tour
$ 10  per person
Learn the history of Moscow during the days of the Soviet Union on a guided tour. Learn more abou...
Moscow: 6-Hour Kremlin and City Bus Tour in Russian
$ 46  per person
On this 6-hour bus tour see all the main sights of Moscow including the Kremlin. The tour is a pe...
Moscow: 2–Hour Evening River Cruise
$ 86  per person
Take part in a unique evening Moscow city center sightseeing tour aboard a river boat, and see th...
Moscow: 3-Hour Soviet Space Conquest Ultimate Tour
$ 23  per person
Head to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics and VDNKh park, under the monuments to the conquerors...
Day Escape from Moscow: Golden Ring Tour by Car
$ 139  per person
Enjoy a full-day small group tour departing from Moscow to the Golden Ring. Visit sights includin...
Moscow: Historical Red Square and Kremlin Walls Group Tour
$ 12  per person
Experience a walking tour of the Red Square and the area around the Kremlin with an experienced t...
Pushkin Museum: Private Impressionism Tour
$ 30  per person
Visit the largest museum of European art in Moscow and discover its unique Impressionist and Post...
Moscow: Private Photo Shoot with Vacation Photographer
$ 255  per group
Capture your journey through Moscow with an experienced, local photographer. After your tour, you...
Moscow City and Metro Tour
Moscow Metro
$ 135  per person
Discover Moscow onboard a Soviet van before diving in the famous Moscow subway. Try caviar, Russi...
Moscow: Traditional French-Russian Dinner in a Local's Home
$ 76  per person
Spend the evening in the center of Moscow in the apartment of a young French-Russian married coup...
Moscow: Full-Day Private Walking Tour with Kremlin Entrance
$ 61  per person
Enjoy a full-day private walking tour of Moscow's main attractions with a local guide. Visit the ...
Moscow: Small Group Metro Tour
$ 21  per person
Muscovites believe that this underground system is the best in the world. It is by far the fastes...
Moscow: Kremlin and Red Square 3-Hour Guided Tour
$ 41  per person
Enjoy a 3-hour tour of the Kremlin and Red Square with a local guide. Head inside the Kremlin cat...
Moscow: 2-Hour Private Kremlin Tour
$ 47  per person
See the ancient residences of the tsars, the Kremlin palaces and cathedrals. Discover the mystiqu...
Moscow: 2-Hour Communist Walking Tour
$ 36  per person
Experience the dark days of Moscow's communist past on a 2-hour walking tour of the Russian capit...
Moscow: Kremlin, Armoury Chamber and Diamond Fund Tour
$ 118  per person
Visit three most significant highlights of Moscow at once. Reveal the secrets of mysterious and g...
Moscow: Private Tour of Kremlin & Armory Chamber
$ 85  per person
Skip the lines at the Kremlin and tour the medieval fortress with your guide. Marvel at priceless...
Moscow: Guided Tour of Red Square, Kremlin & Metro
$ 65  per person
Discover the best parts of Moscow on this 4-hour guided tour. Explore the magnificent "undergroun...
Moscow: Private Visit of Bunker 42 (Cold War Museum)
$ 51  per person
Discover the most secret and secure Bunker of the USSR, Bunker 42, also known as the Cold War Mus...
St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, and Kremlin Tour
$ 180  per person
Visit the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin during a 4-hour tour. Enjoy skip-the-...
Moscow: Communist Moscow Tour with Lenin's Masoleum Visit
Red Square
$ 7  per person
Learn about the history and hardships of the Soviet Union on a guided tour. Visit the main sites ...

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